I have written poems for as long as I can remember, but lately, I don’t know where has my Poetry Muse gone to. I have been looking everywhere for her. I really miss her. Well, she is probably playing hide and seek in my Garden, so I’ll just let her be. Meanwhile, I’ll be just simply writing.

We all have been given a little piece of land here in Red Bubble. A piece of lot equally divided in which we will have to cultivate or do something constructive and beautiful with; something that is a little part of ourselves and a little bit of Red Bubble. That means that we have to work hard to make R.B. proud.

I decided to take my piece of lot and make it into a Garden but not any Garden, mine is special. In it there are flowing streams, rivers, and cascading waterfalls all full of pure refreshing water. There is a pond over yonder where I have my gift ducks, my treasured ones given to me by a special friend, Jim Marshal, They are my 1 duck , 2 duck , 3 duck. Just call them and they will respond with a quack 1, quack 2, and quack 3. There are other ducks that were gifts from my friends here also, ducks of inspiration, others of hope others of faith and others of love who are very treasured by me. I thank you for them and I assure you that they are well taken care of.

See over yonder there? If you keep walking on that path you will find yourself with a forest where all sorts of creatures live, there are Nymphs, Fairies, Elves, oh and of course, Robin Hood. He has had to learn to make another means of a living for there are no rich people here to steal from, only us humble folks. If you go deep enough you will find a pair of unicorns. They know they are safe so they will not hide from you.

Many song birds fly to and fro in this Garden of mine; the Cuckoo Bird, the Bluebird, The Sparrows, The Mocking Bird, the Lark and the Nightingale.
Many insects come here and go; fireflies, dragon flies, honeybees, spiders, garden snakes, ants and my best, my Butterflies. Yes they are all welcomed here.

Chivalry has claimed my garden as its home. There are a lot of gentlemen of all walks of life in here. There are many knights dressed in shining amour, and princesses walking about to see what adventure they could find; any one seen a princess or damsel around? Believe me; I have fallen in love over and over again with each and every one of them for they are also poets and Romeos in disguise. One of the poets that we never tire of is a perfect gentleman; an oasis to anyone who accepts his invitation. He is gentle and kind; his name? We all call him J.R.Garland". There are so many others that that they would fill up the page but if you stay long enough you will have the pleasure of meeting them.
Now on your left you will see a tuffet (actually it’s Lisa’s and forgive me Lisa, if you have been looking all over for it, but I couldn’t resist so I borrowed it) but don’t bother to look for Miss Muffet for she had to scurry away in a hurry. As you will notice there is a “No Disturb Sign” there and in Muffet’s place is Mrs. Spider concentrated and tireless weaving tapestries of silken stories to unfold. Let us leave her for now; she wants to finish her masterpiece. Concentration is the essence here.

And that my friends, is my little cottage. How I love to spend time there with my books, my pen and my friends. That feller hanging by the wall, don’t mind him. He is just one of our 3: a.m. ghosts. That one’s Chris ghosts, but he doesn’t come here that often, he usually is talking to Chris. Now that ghost has a lot on his mind. Wish he were mine, but he belongs to Chris. There are many of them here and this is their meeting place. They have a lot on their minds so they meet and talk and get their true stories straight for their scheduled people’s visits.

Now let’s go inside. See how cozy it is? Mr. Cloud loves to come and visit, but he doesn’t rain on my rugs. Mr. Sun doesn’t like him too much so when he feels Cloud has out done his visit, he pops in and says “Excuse me Milady, Could I accompany you with Sunshine? Of course, Rainbow sparkles right along after him. Cloud gives the cheery old man a smirk and politely says “I’ll be back and pay another visit soon.” Well, this is where a lot of my other friends sit and play cards, gossip and talk about our woes and aches and pains. They have one annoying old habit though; it has to do with the umbilical cord which is tied up to their pens and paper. They just won’t let go of their pens and notebooks Now, if you look a little closer, you will notice a little bulge under my blouse. Wonder what that would be? I have other friends who are photographers, and others who sketch. Love those Michelangelo’s around me.

This here is my library where I have tons of all sorts of books. Sometimes, in that seat where I’ll be writing, reading, or listening to music I see my 2.p.m ghost and he will be leaning by the wall staring at me with that mournful, knowing look, other times he will follow me around and I hear him whisper oh so softly, but I feel that this cannot go on and on so; I lead him by the hand and as we swirl and twirl to a wonderful dance, he starts to tell me a story. Enchanted by the dance he closes his eyes and the story turns into a melodious song….. I open my eyes mesmerized and as much as I love his company, when he finishes I faintly asked to be excused and pick up my pen and paper and the ink starts to flow. When I greedily finish my writing, I feel so guilty that I call him back already knowing that he has left. I know I want more and more of him, but he will only give me what he is ready to give me at the moment. He will be back. I wonder where he has gone to. Is he mine alone, or does he also belong to another? Now I am jealous…….

Back to my Garden, as you will see there are different kinds of beautiful plants. A lot have delicious fruits on them and others are flowering plants. I have the most exotic ones that exist on our beautiful planet. On this little bush there was a little caterpillar. She was so beautiful and I loved how she thrived from the plants nourishment! I looked for her the other day and couldn’t find her. I did find an oval whitish cocoon. I hope it is her. Want to take a look? Oh, but it is broken. And look at what has just emerged. That is the most beautiful, delicate, royal butterfly I’ve seen. Her name? Her name is Maria, yes; I like Maria, a metamorphism in its entire splendor.

Awwww, there is my Poetry Muse, see her behind the bush back there? I’ll just wave to her and when she’s tired of playing around, she’ll come back to me.

Well, my friends, since nothing lasts forever, when I am gone, I will leave you my legacy, My Garden and my Ducks of Inspirations, Hope, Faith, and Love. Water them every day for me and like the footprints in the sand, my prints I will scatter onto each one of you. This will be your sanctuary.


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This I rewrote in honor of one of our back strong Poets, writers, and friends; “: JR
Garland:” Any one needs help and he will do anything humanly possible to do so. He has published books that are a delight to read. He has the link to view them if anyone is interested in his last journal. Please go to the link and you will find more information about them.
And I really, really wish to mention you all but the list is so long and I don’t want to miss anyone. I really, really can’t find my Poetry Muse, so I’ll do the next best thing, write a story.
Hope you like it
This was written a few years back when I did lose my muse but she is who she is so I just let her be.
Iris xoxoxoxo

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