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My Family Reunion

What a blast we had. It was phenomenal, emotional and overwhelming!
I wanted to show you some of the photos which I am so proud of. So welcome to my part of the world..

We knew in what hotel everyone was staying and that there would be a pool where they served dinner and you could eat in the open bar or eat in its surroundings. We were all wondering where we would all meet. I was in the room with our luggage when my brother called telling me that a cousin had arrived and they were in the pool. So I hurried down and then another relative had arrived. It seems that the pool was the magnet that drew us all together. As we hugged and talked, others kept on arriving. And of course, the cameras were doing their magic.

This was taken at the pool.where we waited for the rest to arrive..

This picture was was taken many years ago. The only one missing was my mother who was living in New York. My grandfather had already passed away years ago.My grandmother is in the back while her children up front. That would be the first and second generation.
The photo was our greeting when we arrived at the ballroom.

The whole group. So sad that not everyone was not able to go.

The third generation: cousins We were so happy and proud to be in this picture. There was definitely love surrounding us. By the way, only about three or four people here in RB will know which one is me. For the rest who don’t, I’ll keep you guessing. Maybe another time. he, he he

We are all proud of our fourth generation.One of my cousins told me with lot of emotion, “They are so beautiful!”, I agreed and said “Yes, they are gorgeous” to which she answered, “Oh, they are but, I mean that we raised them well”..

And last but not least, our fifth generation. Aren’t they adorable?

THE BAND…playing to the Bomba Plena which has its roots from the African slaves that were brought here by the Spaniards.

And then the dancing started:.

And more cousins
I think someones finger got in the way. lol

Even the little ones were having fun.

Saying goodbye was the hardest part.We all left with a happy and heavy heart. .

The party hadn’t finished yet and we were already throwing ideas for our next family reunion. Cruise maybe?

I hope you enjoyed, I just wanted to share with you my wonderful experience with the family reunion..

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