handrawn45 line art

It is my hope to upload at least one new drawing per week. The supply in my brain is seemingly endless in variety, it’s just getting it translated through my pen to the paper.

Many will notice that my drawings have symmetry to them. While the drawings are always freehand, I do use some boundary lines, tics, arcs, etc. during the process to limit sprawl. This is necessary to keep the drawings within the 8.5″×11″ sheets I use.

Doing this kind of work at any larger format other than after colorizing on larger format paper would be very difficult since it is very hard to draw long curved sweeps with any consistancy. Drawing with solid edge curves, compasses, etc. would no longer be freehand. While there is wonderful variety with Photoshop Illustrator tools, and it does provide me with many future options on how I can present my drawings, I still prefer the natural, visual flow that comes across to the viewers eye with freehand work.

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