last goodbye

I’m reaching out to you but you’re not reaching back
SoI’m still stuck in the desolate plan I was always at
Darkness loses its beauty and slowly turns into fear
And it keeps getting scarier with each and every tear
I’d kill myself but I am not able
Years of rage filled sorrow have made my mind unstable
I can’t control my thoughts, which always seem to be about death
Scarred and burned so badly, no optimism is left
There’s no way to end the pain, I shall always be ill
Sick on the inside, but I don’t want the happy pills
Slowly losing self control, I can’t take this
Maybe I should bite my arms and just tear the skin away from my wrists
The blood would flow down, my face would show delight
I’ll only be happy when I die
I don’t want to cry, I’m sick of trying to survive
So to anyone who cares, this is my last goodbye

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