towards life

I cut my chains and I run
I am fed up of the extreme silence
I am fed up of the tears which keep on flowing
and made my eyes swollen
i could barely see
I see a glowing flame far away from my reach
and i run for it like insanes
and those laughters that i hear
and calling my name Hamza…
so much love i feel in the voice
persuades me to run
i walk ahead, i wish to join and laugh along
my lips are cracked and dry
but still i will try!
I am sick of the hunger
and i do protest
I want to find my lost self
need to catch my breath and i ask my soul to return
I ask my appearance to exist.
I leave it all behind..
All the memories which made me cut my nerves and to hurt my own self.
All those moments which were always unwanted!
and that devotion- a terrible mistake i made.
I kick you all!
and i walk ahead..
With all my faith and all my hopes
I walk towards the glow
I walk towards the laughter to join
I walk towards life.
I want it all back!

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  • Juilee  Pryor
  • Paul Louis Villani
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