I feel like I’m dying!

Now I’ve fallen too far behind
as everyone else crosses the final line
as I lie bleeding o the ground
Pain is the only thing I’ve found

I can’t stop my crying!

Now I see that the sun is gone
and everything I know is wrong
I feel so raped and scarred
Ripped open and torn apart

Everyone is lying!

I scratch at my wrists and tear at my hair
When I needed you you were never there
Now the fire’s gone and I’m so cold
My spirit’s become wrinkled and old

I feel like I’m dying,
and I’d probably be better off that way
worm filled and pale, not having to face the day

Kill me!
Like you want to kill yourself
crucify me
Hang me there and leave me to die
All you ever were was a lie!

I feel like I’m dying!
I’m fucking sick of crying!
To Hell with your hypocritical lying!
There’s no use left to even trying,
to breathe

I’m dead! I’m fucking dead!
I’m just how you want me to be!
I’m rotten and buried
burning for all of eternity!

You’re going to experience my torture
Feel how the contentment lacks
Welcome to my Hell,
you’re never going back,
to your life
Of fast girls and fast cars
Come and feel the flames
as you die slowly in my scars!

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