The moon shimmers down
putting a sparkle in my tearstained eyes
another one streams down without mercy
and I whimper a soft sigh
There once was a flower blooming
and now it’s a flower dying
there was a child playing
and now a young man crying
As I watch the flower wither
and then fall rotting to the ground
I feel something in the wind
and I slowly turn around
IT see the shadows dancing
jumping from tree to tree
then they fade away
and reappear inside of me
I feel your spirit
as you flow through my blood
I long for your beauty
Oh lost angel, I long for your love
I am turned back to the flower
it reminds me a bit of you
you gave all and more than you were sent to give
and now your short life is through
Nothing really matters anymore
all I know is endless yesterdays
but as the flame in my soul burns down
I know I’ll see you someday
But until that day arrives
I’ll be drifting through, with endless tears in my eyes

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