she is beautiful

You drown yourself in a private sea of sorrow
Ponder suicide on the bed that you lie
Often get lost deep in your misery
Keeping your true self buried deep inside
I just have so much sympathy for you
But you can’t seem to understand why I even care
Why can’t you realize just how pure you are?
And in this world, that’s very rare
I cried for you in the darkness
and actually PRAYED that you were alright
Everything felt grim and black
Your happiness is the only thing that could give me light
It amazes me how i can care so much
I don’t know if you can believe me
But you’re someone I’ll never forget
I just wish I could be there with you
So I could put my arm around you and tell you it’s okay
So maybe for just a moment
I could make you smile and take your pain away
Looking back, the conversation’s like a dream
But I know your suffering is quite real
As hard as I try
I don’t know if I can ever truly understand just how low you feel
There’s one thing I want you to understand
Just one thing I need you to see
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
And you’re beautiful to me

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  • Steven Zan