I am dead

she went away and i watched her walking away
with my eyes filled with blood
she was unable to see
my devotion
she never came back and never turned around
if i was alive or dead
i keep thinking and planning and expecting
if someday she calls me..and asks me if i am alive?
and i’ll tell her with all my innosence
i am dead without you!
i can’t see i cant hear i cant talk
its all dark infront of my eyes
this darkness hurts
every sound is deaf on my ears
the extreme silence hurts
and i cant talk..i try to..but my voice gets locked up somewhere
something holds it firm inside and never lets it come out
i want to shout and cry out loud
but i cant do it
the helplesness hurts!
i want to tell her if she calls me someday..
i am dead with out you!

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