All by myself

The tears burn as they trickle down my face
Yet another promising night that’s gone to waste
The salty sorrow dries and cools my skin
My heart aches constantly deep within
With every passing moment the pain grows
Cutting myself deeper as I tell myself I’m all alone
I want to pick up the phone but there’s noone I can call
So I just pull at my hair and scream at the walls
I bury myself deep inside of my bed
Memories of hurt and sadness run through my head
The silence is too loud almost too much to take
Yet another reminder I’m all by myself, yet another reason to make my heart ache
My door’s clsed but i can hear everyone laughing and watching TV
Thinking of so many things but noone’s thinking of me
I remember childhood and happiness, oh, how those things I miss
Seeing my reflection, I know I can’t take much more of this
Can’t somebody be here to hold me tonight?
Why can’t someone just whisper that everything’s alright?
Doesn’t anyone else know what it’s like to be on your own?
Apparently not, because after daydreams end, I’m always left alone

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