Darkness becomes me, deep in the shadows that I hide
My eyes adjust and my innocence is lost, to the blackness my secrets I confide
The spirits of the night whisper their soft promises into my ears
Softly transcend my mind do the words of grace, of seduction, and of fear
Like bittersweet poetry, I interpret all with my eyes closed
My lips curve to a smile as my innermost thoughts are exposed
My wrists I slowly slit with the jagged branches of a dying tree
I willingly bring it to my lips, so luscious is the taste of my blood going back inside of me
The creatures of noir begin to sing their haunting hymns
Thier screeching calming my restless mind as I lie alone in this desolate den
Brief rays of starlight find their way into my secret home
Shimmering on my bloodthirsty and mysterious eyes deep under the moon’s shadow
I lie back in this grave and up reach hands from the pits of Hell
Over my impure flesh they move, I share my arousal with these lost angels
Damnation’s whores undressed for my pleasure, whatever I ask they will do
Their outstretched wings block most everything from my view
Thier bodies slim and smooth, their hair long and such deep eyes
Thunder explodes from afar and they start to crackle and die
Beauty is lost, ‘twas merely an illusion. now the rancid and rotting corpses are all that’s left
Erotica cut short by the realities of life and death

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