Leave me alone

When I see crowd around me, I want to go to one corner and be with silence.I feel like hearing the sound of white noise. My mind refuses to accept people,maybe because I have been lonely far too long . I never came to know, when loneliness became my only friend and being alone became my only habit. Suddenly all things around me turn black and then all turns bizarre! I am not able to absorb anything, and all words , letters, criss-cross my mind ! All I am left with is food for thought. I feel so tied up with worries of my own, some worries which neither have a face nor a name but they worry me deep inside ! Some nameless, faceless things make me mindless and create a turmoil all through my heart and I don’t even know whom to tell about it . ‘ Friend ‘ sounds like a mere word and to an unknown world I have retreated, victimized by my own thoughts. When with people, my heart leaps to utter just three words “ leave me alone “ because unknowingly I love it that way. I have come to like being with myself, my thoughts however depressing they maybe ! Loneliness precipitates down my depression .I alone can know, what’s going inside me, all thoughts messed up. I yet make my best efforts to hide the bruises inside with a smile on my face, it’s hard, yet I am now used to such harshness.
No one will ever know why I am crying. Silently, my heart’s turned to stone and all I now want is to be left alone. Please leave me alone………….please leave me alone……

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  • Arco Iris  R