I die

I die i die and i die
or else i cud do is cry
i die i die and i die
when the sun sets every evening
it takes away the hopes with it
as the moon becomes prominent
shines,bright and white..
i could see it outside the small window
and i wish to destroy it
for the remaining light it provides
it doesnt let my cage to be all dark
..the helpless enmity i feel..
and the stars shining up there
staring at me like idiots
and making fun of my limits
i wish to break them all
and to pluck them all and set them on fire!
as they did to me!!
they made my existance
an unbearable punishment!
they did whatever they could
snatched my soul and scattered it like hell
without any mercy and with no pity
they painted my cage black on purpose!
and she painted the blood red on purpose!
i die each breath and i cry along
and all i do is carry it on
for the extreme pain that provokes
in my chest roaming all over my entire body
willing to burst the nerves up!
makes it inricate to tolerate
and it hurts so bad..it really does!
while all i could is moan
i hit my fist to the walls which are black like hell
sometimes i stand by the small window..
which is provided..i dont know why though..
may be to let the poisonous air come in..
or may be to judge if its day or night?
..may be to stare at black rigid walls..?
or may be to jugde the color of blood?
..or may be to view my wounded self and pity..
or may be to see the sun setting down..going far from my reach every day..
leaving me to die everyday
or may be to watch the bloody moon..
there is a small window provided..
i dont know why though..
all i feel is scared
and its all fear roaming round and round and round..over my head..
these evil eyes staring at me 24hours!
they dont let me sleep..
and wenever i try to close my eyes
they shake the chains which are stamped throught out my body
they shake them so hard
i start to tremble and to shiver..
and all i could do is moan
they all laugh at me
the dirt filled cracks in between the walls
and the insects i cud feel crickering and crawling
and the white webs holding black spiders
and those drops of blood that dried
and the rusty chains,pointed sharp ends pinching my flesh
they all scare me
and when i moan
they all laugh at me..
my only friend is the darkness
the extreme darkness
which wraps me around it self
when i close my eyes for some seconds
until they shake the chains and i lose it all..
i sometimes talk to it
it understands me well..
sometimes it rubs away the tears from my wounded cheeks
it says its mine
the darkness is mine
i am not able to think any more
ive lost the ability
as they have my brain captured from each side
i could still see though..
the shadows of death falling down
every night off the black ceiling
the black shadows
ive lost the ability..
but still i do wonder
If I am Alive
Am I?

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  • Phil
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