The wind blows, not just through my hair but through my soul
I stare at the midnight sky immersing myself in the beautiful cold
Abstract branches of trees paint the pictures of my dreams
A lone car drives by in these empty suburban streets
Softly in the distance plays the music that calms my most troubling fears
The bittersweet melodies are the only thing that cares enough to wipe my tears
I see a light in the distance but I know not what it is
There is no greater sadness than that of not having anyone to miss
I close my eyes and start to slip away
When they are opened I will no longer in this moment stay
The sky has no moon nor stars to light my way
I keep getting lost in could have beens and yesterdays
A tear flows boldly down my face
I know it’s of no use, but I wipe it away with great haste
My lips long to kiss but they shall never know to taste
My heart, it longs to love but all it does is ache
My hand yearns to hold another
My eyes are curious and yearn to discover
I need someone to hold and sleep with at night
I need the contentment of knowing everything’s alright
Sometimes I can see her face and how it smiles
But lucidity only lasts for a short while
There’s a girl in my dreams but I’ll never know her
I’m destined to be forever a loner

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