I slit my wrist to feel the pain
The blood slowly oozes from my vein
The blood drips down my arm
It’s oh so pleasant and it’s warm
All my emotional pain seemed to leave my soul
But it was only hiding in a dark black hole
My heart seems to be full of dark evil
My evil ways to me can be very lethal
So I took my wrist and the razor blade
slowly I cut deep and my life started to fade
I took one last breath before I died
This is the story of how I committed my suicide
I cut myself and watch it bleed
This suicide attempt I didn’t succeed
The cuts will fade but the feelings remain
I just want to forget this feeling of pain
The pain never ends and the cuts get deeper
When will this end I feel so much weaker
I lay and cry myself to sleep each night
I hate how I feel it just isn’t right

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