I’ve been thinking of you for so many years,
So much that it brings me many tears.
They are tears of sadness…
Bringing me so much madness.

I see your face across the hall.
The beauty makes me feel like I’m going to fall.
I’ve been thinking of you every single day;
Just you and me walking alongside the bay.

My heart continues to break as days go by.
Every time I think of you, I sigh, and a tear fills my eye.
There’s nothing I can really do but pray,
That you would actually be my girl some day.

You’re trapped in my heart and you’ll never get out,
But you’re not even mine and I just wanna shout!
You’re right there, but it’s so frustrating,
‘Cause I’m just too shy and I’m hesitating.

Don’t like loving and not bein’ loved back,
Never been loved – I’m the opposite of a ‘lack’.

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