Dirty Dancin Disco Diva, Smile as big as the Heavens and Stars in her eyes
She’s not the same girl now, Or was it Always a disguise?
Hair like the wind, Free and Wild!
Such a Beautiful lady, with the Soul of a child
Her hands melt the sky, As she Moves around
Floating on air, Quietening all the sounds
“You’ve Dropped your Heart fair lady, You have Lost your Soul!
Don’t let it Fly too Far my baby, You Betta take control”
“Here is my Heart”
She throws it on the floor
“Fix it , It’s Broken,
I don’t Want it Anymore!”
The Black tide has flooded
And the Moon just makes its mark
No longer shining On us
Just Light enhancing Dark
Shadows Dance in the moonlight
And Sneak around in the day
The Bitter sweet of Daylight
The Sky is turning Red!

“Yes My Heart is Bleeding
Yes My Soul is Dead!

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