So, This is Me

So, I have decided to keep track of some things I’ve done. Good things, bad things, stupid things and just things I don’t want to forget because it makes me who I am. This is no particular order. It’s just the way I typed it.

Shayne – Mom
Bob – Stepdad
Bill – Daddy
Lisa – Stepmom
Kirk – Younger Brother
Corey – Youngest Brother

Mom and Bob got married in 1998. I was a junior bridesmaid and wore a little white dress. I walked down the aisle with my cousin Danny. Kirk wore a black suit and gave my mother away.

Pets (present and past):
Norman: big white and black rat. i was 5 or 6 when we had him, he was daddy’s
Kitty: mom brought him home one day from work, i was 7
Hamster: kirk got him one year for his birthday, he died a week later because he fell down the stair case
Plenty o’ fish: we used to have sharks and fish and sucker fish and all kinds of things
Dodger: jack russell, i was about 8 or 9
Kasper: big fat black cat, came with bob when he moved in
Jasper: old grey cat, also came with bob when he moved in
Shelby: jack russell, i was around 14
Festus: a black rat, daddy bought him for us. i was 18
Joey: was a mouse bought for me when festus died. i was 19
Eric: daddys rat he has now.
Eric: coreys rat he has now.

I was named after two Star Trek characters.
Kirk was named after Captain Kirk

My father has lived in the same house for 19 years.
I have lived in 7 houses.
My mom and stepfather now live in Red Dear Alberta.

I have been to 9 schools
ECE Centre : 2 years
Wellington St. Public School: 1 1/2 years
Lockes Public School: 1/2 a year
Forest Ave Public School: 3 years
Homedale Secondary School: 2 years
Central Elgin: 5 years
Arthur Vodan: 1/2 a year
University of Waterloo: 1/2 a year
Fanshawe College: 1/2 a year so far

Bingo Bingo
Shell Gas Station: fired from
Stitches: fired from
Green Earth: walked out
Walmart: work term done
Home Daycare: quit

Groups and Activities
I took swimming lessons when I was 5 and failed because I wouldn’t go down the slide.
I played soccer when I was 7 and won a silver medal.
I played badminton in grade 9. Stopped because they charged me money for it.
I took piano lessons in 2006.
I played the Bass Clarinet for 2 years in band at Homedale. I quit part way through gr8
I was in the ABC Club for 3 years.
I was in Pioneer Clubs for 3 years.
I was in Girl Guides for 11 years.

Went on my first plane in July 2008
Went on my first train in September 2006
Went on my first Grey Hound November 2006

I have lived in residence.
I have lived on my own.

I have been in 3 relationships.
I have learned from them all. I don’t regret my mistakes, I learnt from them.

When I was 15 I was arrested.
I spent my 16th birthday at the St. Thomas Police Station.
I am not ashamed of myself.
I didn’t write the literacy test in grade 10, because I had to go to court.

I have done community service and volunteer hours. And yes, they are two different things.
I have volunteered at Holy Angels church, a Spark group, the Cancer Society, Central Elgin Cafeteria.
I have done community hours at Animal Aide.

I have been to a family councilor, I have talked to lawyers and I have been to a support group.

I have been to an AA meeting.

I have been to a Catholic Church, and a Buddhist Temple.

I am 21, I partly own a car and I can’t drive. I have no desire to learn.
I can’t swim. I can’t whistle, I can’t snap, I can’t sing. I can’t dance.

I have been in 4 art exhibits.
I have sold art.

I have seen every episode of South Park.
I love chocolate and coke. I don’t care that it’s bad for me.
I stay up late and wake up early.
I talk in my sleep.
I can’t sleep unless I know where Pinky is.

I have a crush on Stephan Colbert, Craige Fergusen and Craige Charles.
I watch TLC, DISNEY and YTV all the time.

I like dresses and skirts and fancy clothes, but you will never see my wear them. I love shoes and accessories, my hair is my favorite part of me.

I have fat hips and a big butt, but I don’t care.

I have never been farther then Detroit. I have been to one other province, and that was only for 2 1/2 days.

I have finally gone to West Edmonton Mall. It was one of my goals in life to see it.

I broke my collar bone when I was 2, and I have never been back to the hospital since.
I have never had a surgery.
I have had a tooth pulled. I wore a ring in my mouth for 8 years so my new tooth wouldn’t grow in crooked.

In January of 2007 I ran away for a week to Windsor and told no one. It was a 6 hour bus ride.

I was kicked out of University.

I love video games, I own 7 systems (NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, PS1, XBOX, Sega), 4 gameboys, and a sega gamegear.

I can draw, and paint.
I love to read.
I can sew.

I own more then 50 pairs of shoes, and only 3 pairs of pants. I have a belt for everyday of the month, and a purse for every occasion.

I love Trevor.

I went skinny dipping at 5 Mile Lake. In 2006

When I was 7, I had a flaming marshmallow land in my hair. It burnt my forehead and I was missing my bangs.

I rode my bike down a cement staircase, with no helmet, no protection. I scratched and bruised the whole front of my right leg. I scratched both my palms and my cheek…I was 17.

I’ve been puked on.
Peed on.
I’ve been bit, kicked and had stuff thrown at me.

I was bit in the shin by a pony.
A horse bit me in the chest.
I’ve had a parrot bit my finger.
An albino raccoon attacked my hand.
I’ve had horses step on me, and cows try to eat my arm.

When I get angry, I’m angry. I destroy things, stomp and yell.
I have broken my bedroom door in a fit of rage.
I have not had a doorknob for a year now.

I have smashed a furnace with a sledge hammer.
I have blew a pumpkin up with silly string.
I have broken into Alma, The Train Station, and Dana Porter.

I have been in a car accident.

I burn easily because I have red hair and freckles. No I am not Scottish, or Irish, so stop asking.

My name is spelt S H A H N A. STOP SPELLING IT WRONG!

I’ve ridden a horse, pony, cow, dog, and elephant.

I have one tattoo. I was 18, its on my lower back, off to the right. It means freedom.
I have 12 peircings. 7 in my left ear, 3 in my right, 1 in my lip, 1 in my tongue. I have stretched 2 of my holes to 00g, and one to a 2g. 5 of my peircings I did myself.
I helped my ex pierce his face. It was pretty funny, and their was blood everywhere.

I love underwear.

I own a keyboard, and a guitar and I can’t play either.
I haven’t rode a bike in 5 years.
I ride at least 2 buses everyday.

I have shaved my head, cut my own hair and had dreads.
I can’t skate, or rollerblade, but I own a pair of both.

A German flag hangs in my house. I think its pretty.

I lived at Grandmas house for 2 months.
I met Trevor by accident. We talked through Myspace.

I own a Mac.
I own a PC
I have 2 laptops and a desktop computer.

I sleep in my underwear every night, no matter what the weather.
I can not sleep without a comforter, no matter what the weather.

I got my first cell phone in August 2008.
I got my first credit card in September 2008.

Concerts I’ve Been Too
Weird Al
Sum 41 f. The Miniatures
Great Big Sea f. Liam Titcomb
Keith Urban
Green Day f. My Chemical Romance
Great Big Sea
Theory of a Deadman f. Idol Sons
Toby Keith
Paul Brandt
Backstreet Boys

I have been to the circus, Disney on Ice, Highchool Musical on Ice.

I have been to the CN Tower once. Stayed in a hotel 3 times in my life. I’ve been to Canada’s Wonderland twice. I’ve been to Marineland once. I’ve been to the Toronto Zoo once. It may seem like I’m spoiled and I’ve been to all these places, but I’m not. Compare me to a kid who goes to Disney every year. I’m not an inch spoiled, so stop telling me I am.

Everything I have, I have worked for and earned it myself. I was 15 when I had my first job, so suck it. Don’t tell me I don’t know what its like to work for a living.

I was grounded for a week for eating a hotdog.
I’ve been vegetarian for a year and half.
I’ve eaten eel

I went to Anime North 2008, and I loved it. I can’t wait to go again.
I have to take vitamins.
I have the patch.

I’ve had head lice, and scabies and chicken pox
No I am not diseased!

I was stun my hornet the first day of school in the grade 1. I have not been stung since.
I hate earwigs, centipedes, and cockroaches.

My favorite colours are purple and black.
I love poka dots
Stars and hearts

I love cheesecake, pecan pie and vanilla pudding.
Chocolate Chip Cooke Dough Ice Cream is my favorite.

I want to get married one day, and adopt children.
I want to own a house, and have my own place to be me.

I love graveyards, and Halloween is my favorite holiday.

I have Harry Potter bed sheets.

My favorite movies are Interview with the Vampire, Nightmare Before Christmas, Fight Club

I don’t care what you think of me. I love myself and I love my family. My friends are awesome. I REGRET NOTHING. Everything I have done in my life, good, bad, stupid or other wise make me who I am.

Oh yeah, this is for you:
Im not jealous of you, you have nothing I want. I could careless what you do with your life. I don’t care about your success and I laugh at your failures. You disgust me. And I mean that.

I’m not telling you who that directed too, you can all ponder it and figure it out yourselves.

If you read all this, you either have too much time on your hands, or you really like me, or your a stalker.

Anyways. Im done.
I’ll add more later.

So, This is Me

ShahnaChristine .

St. Thomas, Canada

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So, I have decided to keep track of some things I’ve done. Good things, bad things, stupid things and just things I don’t want to forget because it makes me who I am. This is no particular order. It’s just the way I typed it.

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