Politics as Usual

The American political system is completely dedicated towards keeping the public as ill informed as possible. We are in an age of permanent campaigning. The result of which is no cooperation or attempt for compromise between Conservatives and Liberals, Democrats and Republicans. All decisions are based upon where the money is coming from, not by reality or need. The public is not served well, and is kept out of the loop. All the “town hall” meetings are designed to produce sound bites for the campaign trail, not to gather information. The media does its best to keep Americans from learning anything that might make them vote against the commercial interests of their sponsors. In short, America has the best government money can buy!

In the debate about health care, the primary problem with our present system is due to the fact that insurance companies make less money if they have to pay out, so they are not ever going to be interested in actually getting you the best care, only the cheapest they can get away with. There is too much “risk” to their investments if they have to treat everybody, so insurance companies pay as much to politicians coffers as it takes to keep “preexisting conditions” not covered. All insurance companies make their profits by betting you will not get sick, so they will do their best to deny coverage, dictate medical procedures, and these days, to pay for worthless homeopathic “treatments” because water and sugar pills are a lot cheaper than real medicines (and placebos buy time). If you get better using a quack treatment, or you die, the insurance company will make more profit than if it has to pay for proper medical care. Insurance companies spend huge amounts of money on politicians to ensure health care is not meaningfully reformed. They also advertise heavily to keep the public as misinformed on the issue as possible so real and honest debate about health care will not take place.
The financial crisis brought upon us through the greed of corporate raiders, will continue to be a problem for us. This is not due entirely to deregulation, the regulations were also being overlooked because the regulators were and still are coming straight out of Wall Street. In other words, we have had weasels running rampant in the hen house.
People in fear of losing their jobs do not spend money. The housing market collapse caused a large number of people to lose their jobs through a ripple effect. The construction worker without work doesn’t buy food from the cafe on wheels owner. The cafe on wheels owner no longer buys food from the bulk suppliers. The bulk supplier no longer buys as much from the local distributors. The local distributors fire half of their warehouse crew to save expenses. Those workers no longer buy, etc. Since our entire economy is based upon commerce, we need to get people shopping again, but in times of high unemployment, there are not going to be enough people spending money to make a difference. Perhaps the way out of this mess calls for giving each person in the country over the age of 55 a million dollars with the stipulations that they spend at least $100,000 of it on American made goods. Putting money directly into the hands of people who will spend it, makes more sense than locking it up in the hands of investment firms that will only use it to pay their executives huge dividends that do nothing towards creating jobs, consumers buying goods will save the country.

Lastly, to paraphrase Jack Nicholson’s Joker, Our political institutions need an enema! I don’t care how effective you believe your congressman is, by his second term, he has become a pawn of the corporate puppet masters and no longer serves his constituents well. At least by limiting terms, you force the corporations to “share the wealth” (a concept I believe Mad Magazine from November of 1968 deserves credit for).

No political ads should ever be permitted to say anything at all about the opponent. Too often, their is no useful information given about a candidate. This makes it impossible to have an informed electorate. These restrictions should be placed upon all ads regardless of whether run by the candidate, his party, or any PAC. It may not stop our leaders from lying to us, but it will drastically alter their ability to lie about their opponent. The American public has been begging for a campaign free of the mudslinging of the past.

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