I am tired of hearing about the virtue of family values. How dare anyone that has been married, divorced and remarried but claiming to be a fine Christian (aside from the violation of his oath to remain faithful and loyal until death to the first wife) tell me I am not a moral person because I don’t worship his or any other god. I have been married to my wife for over 33 years and see no reason to not remain with her. My children were not brought up having a religion force fed to them, but have a clear sense of what is right and wrong and know that doing what is right makes the world better one person at a time.

Morality is doing what is right over that which is wrong. It is moral to help others and immoral to cause harm to them. It is immoral to steal and kill. It is moral to treat people with respect and dignity. Whether clothed or unclothed, people can be moral. Morality comes from being willing to rise above the animal instincts and placing the welfare and desire of others over our own if need be. Morality comes from within. It is not something I would want a police officer to enforce.

My observation of the Christian right is that they want all temptations for sin (books, magazines, art, dance, etc.) heavily regulated by the government. Are the Christians so feeble minded that someone else must restrict their access to viewing nude art? What is wrong with making resisting temptation the responsibility of the individual? Can anyone explain why bare breasted men in public is considered OK, but not bare breasted women? Why is prostitution illegal in most states, instead of being regulated (to limit STDs) and taxed?

Why is homosexuality such a big deal? In the animal realm (in which we belong), as population density increases without an increase in the resources needed to sustain it a corresponding requirement to curtail offspring production arises. This can be expressed in several ways, infertility, a die off, or homosexuality. Our cities do not contain sufficient resources to accommodate all who live there by themselves, resources are transported into them. The normal means of population suppression should take place, thus infertility and homosexuality have arisen. Modern research has shown there are significant differences between the brains of heterosexual and homosexual people, so choice is not a the reason for a person to be homosexual (it is biologically forced). There is no reason to discriminate against homosexuals.

Health care in the US is a cruel joke at best more often it is a nightmare. Patients get no care unless the the treatment. is not going to harm the profit of the insurance company. Insurance companies have the right to refuse to treat “preexisting” conditions, which further reduces access to care. Health care will continue getting worse unless the government steps in and does what is most needed, taking it over, eliminating preexisting conditions clauses from the policies and mandating universal coverage. This increases the pool and makes coverage affordable. No one should be denied proper care!

Many Christians fail to recognize that our government is supposed to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. Government needs to remain secular in order to serve all of us.

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