Commentary on the Wall Street Meltdown

Am I too cynical? Why do I interpret the financial meltdown on Wall Street to be a power grab by greedy bastards that have bankrupted the country? Are my fears rational?

Let’s look at the things we know. The president and his republican goons with the encouragement of the Keating Senator that got away, have been eroding regulations and the constitution as fast as they could. They used every trick and cried wolf at every opportunity they could to scare the public into going along with their plans. They brought us an unjust war in Iraq, delayed any attempt to alleviate global warming, a very flawed “Patriot Act”, rewrote the bankruptcy laws to make it harder for individuals to file, placed so much of our economy into housing that almost every other sector was drained of the capital that would have kept workers employed here, and have denied we were in a recession for the past year. Nothing is ever done by these guys unless it is in crisis mode. The country is being driven to bankruptcy by the same guy that bankrupted his oil companies. Unfortunately the idiots who voted him in chose the guy they’d like a beer with instead of the guys that would have kept us solvent.

Now it seems as if they will be swept out of office. Since fear is the only thing that these people seem to know how to do, they are trying disparately to scare us into letting them steal another $700,000,000,000 and put it into the hands of the very people that have been causing the problems. It has all the earmarks of crooks hell bent on fleecing the people one last time.

It seems to me, Palin was placed on the ballot because they hope the religious sheep will flock to vote in one of their own because few of them liked McCain. Those with a brain that don’t make over $250,000 per year have only one choice this election, Obama. The worst thing this country could ever have running it is a religious fundamentalist. Their intolerant behavior towards other religions and their view that “God” guides their hand makes it impossible for them to govern effectively. Look at Bush to see what a fool that places “God” above the country’s interest does.

History seems to show that greedy conservative Republicans ruin the economy and the liberal Democrats pick up the pieces and get the country moving forward again. As much as I can’t stand either of them (Kucinich would be my first choice), my own wallet forces me to vote for Obama. I hope others vote with their wallet as well.

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