I started taking pictures and learned to develop the film before Lucy Johnson’s white house wedding took place. That is when I discovered that all photographs LIE. As a result of learning this truth, I decided to explore and embellish the lies that my camera revealed to me. The darkroom was a great hangout to me, but I hated monochrome and did most of my work in color using RA4 chemistry. Sometimes, I even got lucky and made a great image.

It wasn’t long after Photoshop 4 came out that I bought a negative scanner and started to learn digital manipulation. I did it the same way I acquired most of my knowledge, I read as much as I could about the techniques of the photographers that I admired, and played around until I got images I liked. I bought a better scanner and sold my darkroom equipment. The freedom I got by not having to time exposure, developer, blix and the rinse was put to use in creating better images.

I went mostly digital about June of 2008, by buying a Nikon D300. Now I can really lie with the best of intentions.

None of my work is in the public domain. It is registered and copyrighted to Habenero Photography.

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Stupidity, the norm in politics!

Neither Republicans nor Democrats are willing to do what is necessary to repair the US budget! Lets compare the budget to a small forest fire that needs only 1,000 gallons of water delivered within one hour in order to be put out. The tools available are a helicopter that can carry a very leaky bucket capable of putting the entire fire out only if it is completely filled. The only sources of w…
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At What Age Does Wisdom Set In?

Wisdom is one of those elusive things that is said to come with age. If it does, what is that age? Does wisdom rely upon age alone, or do other factors affect it? Isn’t wisdom really just an accumulation of knowledge gained by recognizing that some of the things you lived through were fairly stupid decisions? / It clearly is not 16, when many states tell us that our children are able to …
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Politics as Usual

The American political system is completely dedicated towards keeping the public as ill informed as possible. We are in an age of permanent campaigning. The result of which is no cooperation or attempt for compromise between Conservatives and Liberals, Democrats and Republicans. All decisions are based upon where the money is coming from, not by reality or need. The public is not served well,…
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Like it or not, the US must socialize its health care system.

Of the variables that cause inflation to rise faster and handicaps American companies in the global economy, health care is the easiest one to deal with. The cost of health care for retirees and current workers is one of the greatest burdens the US places directly into the hands of our businesses. This burden is always passed on in the form of higher priced goods which is not a good thing when …
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