George Webber

San Francisco, United States

I’m George Webber (aka gWebber) a freelance artist, cartoonist and illustrator in San Francisco.


Hello Followers and fellow Bubblers.

Here’s a tip I use fairly often for getting art supplies on the cheap.
Being a full time artist means you have a huge need to makes sales and conserve funds as much as one can when buying art supplies.

This will mostly for painters and sketch artist and people that like to bargain hunt.

I frequently find the following items ; canvases, paint sets, brushes, drawing sets, pencil sets and more for way cheaper than at art an art supply store.

Places to look are TJ Max, Ross, Dollar Stores, Daiso (Japanese dollar store) or similar discount stores.

Ok, granted these are not going to be “top brand name” products, but I got a package of 5 12 × 12 canvases for $ 6.00. That’s cheap.

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