George Webber

San Francisco, United States

I’m George Webber (aka gWebber) a freelance artist, cartoonist and illustrator in San Francisco.


I spend as much time as I can in my tiny San Francisco storage room studio creating artworks of all kinds for a wide range of (generally odd) subjects. But sometimes a complicated life gets in the way and like any full time artist creating vs selling can be a problem and money always becomes an issue.

To combat that problem as much as possible I put that artwork here on RedBubble in hopes of reaching and selling to a broader market so I can continue to buy art supplies I need and keep my little studio going.

I not only make the assorted crazy drawing you see here, but I also make jewelry, paint, sculpt a little and build model trains as well as attempt to collect enough tools to try out many other art forms that interest me.

Needless to say over a short time “space” in my 4.5 × 7 studio has become as much an issue as making the funds to keep it all going.

But that’s neither here nor there, it’s all about creating no matter the cost to body and soul as any artist will tell you.

For without the art, there is no life.

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