Sales! Thanks to Those Special Buyers!

This is my third Journal today. I’m all caught up in my Journal entries. Many thanks to all those SPECIAL BUYERS who purchased art and products from me. I’m very honored. Sometimes life gets in the way of posting Journals….. So this is a bit late in posting but I have not forgotten you wonderful buyers! May you or your recipients enjoy your art as I had in creating them.

Thank you very much!!

July 1, 2016: 1x Greeting Card of Just A Little Sunshine

July 8, 2016: 1x Greeting Card of Harbor, Busan, South Korea

July 15, 2016: 1x Photographic Print of Monument Valley in Black & White

July 26, 2016:1x iPhone Case/Skin of Library Building at University of Dakar

July 30,2016: 1x Greeting Card – 4″ × 6″ Postcard of Stairway to Blue Domed Church

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