They can do it, so why can't I?

I’ve been working (in a hobby kind of way) with Photoshop for many years now and I think it’s a great toy and a wonderful program all in all. However, lately I’m a bit frustrated…

Up until recently I was under the impression that I could pretty much do most things in photoshop if I really tried, but since I joined redbubble I’ve realized how mistaken I was.
I enormously enjoy looking at all the great art here at the site, but sometimes I get frustrated when I see the wonderful post-processing some people are capable of.
I can easily accept the fact that someone is way better than me at taking a beautiful photograph but when I look at the post-processing by for example Flamejob and Paul Vanzella I catch myself thinking “Now that is a beautiful and interesting effect, I should try that”

Many hours later I finally realize that although I probably have the same software and hardware (camera, computer, photoshop and other programs) as these people, for some reason I can’t get that effect I’m looking for.
I am of course aware that learning to fully use these programs is the work of a lifetime more or less, but it is still so frustrating to have an image that would be perfect for this or that type of processing and then just not being able to do it…

Enough complaining. I’m off to search the net for cheap and fast post-processing classes, hopefully with a money back guarantee if I can’t get the effect I’m looking for :)

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