J J Everson

Earls Colne, United Kingdom

I like to photograph anything and everything, if it catches my eye and resonates with me. Have had an interest in art and photography for...

Thanks for checking out some of my photos and art.:o) Hope it pleases the eye and lifts the heart and the spirit. Will add a bit more now and then.

I started to mess around with art when I were just a bairn …. I think the first ‘real’ attempt at anything with shape and form was a caricature of Margret Thatcher (why?!), which I did at the tender age of around seven. From what I recall, it wasn’t particularly good. Art became one of my favourite subjects throughout school and my passion continued for it long after I left. I even sold a few works around Essex for a bit of extra pocket money.

Oddly enough, I was refused entry into Colchester Institute on the grounds that my attempts at art were too ‘poppy’ … well, there you go. I stuck my fingers up to the pompous art establishment of then .. pah! What did they know?

‘Twas then, my other childhood passion – archaeology (pre-Indiana Jones, I’ll have you know) – took over. I worked as an archaeologist and ended up studying it at Reading University, in the UK, and subsequently worked in the UK, Germany, Spain and Russia.

Art always remained a passion, and I became involved in several archaeological illustration projects, as well as doing the field work, which enabled me to keep a hand in. The illustration was more technical and less expressive, but I enjoyed it a lot.

Photography has kind of grown on me, and moreso recently, though as kid I used to go nuts with my cheap Boots instant camera. It was rubbish really, and pretty much most of the pics I took with it were too … but I enjoyed it for what it was.

Now, I’m in Japan, teaching English for the time being, and art and photography have become a little more ‘important’ to me again. I tried my hand at painting last year for the first time in about 17 years and then found myself wondering why I’d ever stopped.

Archaeology is on a backburner and has been for about 8 years. Maybe someday I’ll get back to it in one form or another.

Anyway, that’s a very potted and brief outline of what I’ve been up to and generally what I’m into (I won’t mention music … or the guitar … I can already here the snores and cries of “get on with it”!)

Most of the works in the gallery are fairly recent (within the last two years or so to just a few days ago).

Anyway, I hope you find some of my photos and simple paintings resonate with you and lift your spirits. If you choose to purchase any as prints or cards I would be most grateful. Otherwise, please just enjoy the gallery.

You can join me on Facebook – I know the site is not to everyone’s taste, but I have a page on there for art and photography which is secure and mostly for friends and family – so please feel free to join me there if you’re also usind the site:

J’s Facebook page

Some original works will become available for sale through my sister’s floristry shop, amongst other places, eventually,
so please check out the website at:

Visit Nanny’s Bloomers Florist Shop

from time to time for updates.

Thanks for taking a look.

Best wishes,


Above is a direct image link to our All That’s Archaeology group … please come and join us there if it’s your cup of tea :o)

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New Website

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Facebook page

Hi … I know the site is not to everyone’s taste, but I have a Faceache … sorry, Facebook … page which is secure and for friends and family only. If you feel inclined and are on FB it’d be great to see you there, if not, then here is just fine too. After initial privacy concerns with FB I’ve been running the page, dedicated to art and photography, for well over …
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Infringement of copyright and unsolicited use of images

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