Death does not take a Holiday

It is January and a new year is upon us…sadly it feels no different to me then the day before or the day before that, you see in the summer of 2007 my father passed away right before my eye’s and there was not one solitary thing I could do to stop this horrific event from happening. Oh I tried to revive him with mouth to mouth and pumping his chest but to no avail. It was reality…he was alive one moment and dead the next. I am still having trouble dealing with that fact. I found that death in real life is a sobering and painful confrontation with our own mortality. A very surreal feeling mixed with panic,sadness and a profound feeling of loneliness overwhelmed me. So I go on and try to understand and believe in the things we are taught as to cope with such events, the truth is life is a fragile gift and is so very very short so please enjoy your life and be kind to others as we do not have long to correct our wrongs. I am sorry to be of a gloomy nature…it is but reality as I have never experienced and will never forget. Rest in peace dad.

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  • pat oubridge