Idea Safari

I sit and wonder my mind wandering through the layers consciousness. There is a thought that I chase I know not what it is but can smell its scent of creativity. I hunt the idea with all fervor of a hound after a fox. The quarry most be caught. I run further into my mind past memories long left behind. They are given only slight regard as I retreat deeper still, this idea must be found. To the passerby I look idle I am sure but I am running as fast as I can. Is it a poem or maybe prose? A short story or novel? I am gaining I can sense it the idea has slowed or I have quickened. My body tenses and the pen and paper are ready. The hound has the fox and the paper is filled with words. My mind writes of its own accord with no aid from me. It is hard to explain to others but when I think about writing it gets all messed up. It is the idea in my head that once caught writes the words I don’t know what they are until they are on the page. The world around me fades and I see only the scene in my head and the paper in my hand.
The day has faded into night and the ash tray is too full to do it’s job the glass is empty and has been for sometime the notebook is on the floor the computer is now favored for I have reached a frenzied pace. This idea must come out it must be written. I ride the idea in all of its splendor through the wilds of my mind. It pulls ideas and memories from other times and other places. I wonder where they come from and who put them there. It seems at times that my mind is but a jungle full of game that I have yet to see.
The ideas are rampant almost an infestation but to trap them and put them where they belong is the trick. It is when my mind is most tranquil that they come out to play. When I don’t worry about bills or work and I can sit and let my mind rest that the creatures of ideas come out from there holes and roam. They told when I was young that daydreaming and staring off would get me no where and that I should be productive. My answer to that now is that I am at my most productive when I am least active. The movements of the body do not accurately portray the hunt in my head for the next idea.

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  • Tony Ryan