My purpose

I our lives we have many purposes, we are sons, daughters, friends etc. While each of these are roles we play they are also purposes that we play in others lives and they in ours. I believe that many can find joy in these roles/purposes but there is a purpose that we must find in our lives that drive us and make us who we are. For many being a good father or mother is a purpose that will satisfy them others find it in their careers. For others however this is not enough. I think this is the case for many of the people on Red Bubble. Here people feel the need to express creativity as their purpose in life. We may not get rich or have our work displayed in the Louve or ever have our writing be printed by a publisher that deals only in classics yet we take pictures, paint, and write all the same. The ultimate goal in life is happiness and in order to be happy we must fulfill our purpose. There is a saying and I don’t remember where I heard it but it rings true. “No matter how many people are in the room when you die, you die alone.” This quote has always driven me to think for myself and do what will make me happy. I don’t mean happy in the instant gratification sense but in the long run satsifaction sense.
When I write I am satsified not because what I write is good but because I love to write. It is my goal to write something that will be on the self in a book store some day but whether or not that happens isn’t as important as the fact that I tried and was happy in the attempt. In an earlier journal I wrote that I wanted to have an impact on society in a way that most don’t have the chance to do. I have thought on this for some time since I wrote it and have come to the conclusion that William Shakespeare probably wasn’t worried about who would be reading him in 2008 as much as he was worried about how the audiences would receive it when he put it on stage for the first time if even that.
So I will no longer fret about whether or not some kid will hate me in 2208 for making him read a book about something that he doesn’t care about. I will now focus solely on writing what matters to me. Because only when I write about what I am passionate about will I ever be able to make some kid in2208 hate me.

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