First off Happy New Year and Holidays to everyone!
I know it was stated that I would return and comment on all the beauitul pieces I have missed out on, and the potential for meeting new people, and making friends on bubble,

however, since my son and I have moved back in with my mother, things have gone
from good to worse with each passing day,
anyone who’s anyone knows how much I still feel for my ex..
and all this drama has basically plunged me into depression and indecision of all things really.

Please know that all of you are in my thoughts, but reality calls, it was my fault I had answered.
Case in point, my ex and mother don’t get along, and there’s alot of other stuff in the mix, things have been said, screams and other shouts, no one seems to pay attention/ or care as to how I feel here at home. What they beleive over here would be for the best interest of my son, (not so much as I.)
she’s threatening me, that if I run back to my ex, that she will keep my son…
so on and so forth. (I beleive that you all deserve to know what’s really going on beyond the curtain..)
And thus, it takes me away from my escape (here at redbubble)
I miss you all but I refuse to come on until things smoothe out on my end.

Thanks to all of those who praised my work, I hope to return in time.
Keep making that beautiful magic.
In my thoughts always,


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