Something Scary This Way Churned..

A Tragic thing happened Dec. 5th 2:00 in the afternoon.
Prior to this prediciment, anyone who knows me..
knows that I still have a strong link to my ex..and he does security work for
“Yale.” (small corp. basically ships them all over in Omaha Neb.)
anyway Monday I called him and he told me this whole week is sent to do security work at a mall in Omaha..the same Mall that happened to get shot up yesterday afternoon.

A total of 9 people had died..a spray of gunfire nailed down people, people were locking themselves in dressing rooms, and ducking for cover.
As soon as I heard about this…my heart sank.
Fearing for his life, I rushed home as soon as I could to call him.
much to a miracle he is very much alive!!^^ But prayers and tears go out to
the victims and their families.

It’s sad that this happened so close to home..
To think this was all in the name of “becoming famous…”

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