Little Ghost Picture.

True story behind this image, was intended to be just a snapshot of
my son.
The image appearing in the window was not there the time I took the picture.

However, there are trees, and things in the yard..
but using my trusty Graphics manager hats off to you Walgreens
I was able to manipulate the image!!

Until I figure a way to save it while manipulated will be a miracle..
this raises brows of concern.
still could be brush and tree..
There is a bit of a history to that house, and it’s past occupants.
Not sure of what happened..

I’m guessing that house was built in the early 1900s.
so anything is possible from that standpoint.
when viewing this, I ask you keep an open mind, and really let me know..
give me some feedback, debate on it.
I refuse to beleive that it’s just tree and limbs..
but could be wrong.

Anyway, retiring for the night.

If there’s any major interest in this photo, I was
thinking for future selling as a postcard..
this idea is in the works.

G’night all
and pleasant Dreams


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