Invite to Art Institute of Pittsburg!!!

It’s true!
The Art Institue wants me to “come on board” and enroll.
I haven’t done it yet, I need all new equipment.

Have been scanning over Towers, Monitors, Scanner/Printers..ect.
I never knew I could have such a love affair with a piece of technology as
I have today!!

The Mac Mini! never use to beleive in “love at first sight..”
till now..
So, saving up for the Mini, price ranging monitors and all
other equip.
will finally start to pursue my dream as a “graphic artist.”

I’ll send out the memo when things start to fall into place..
till then thank you for the praises, and please everyone,
never hesitate to send constructive, creative criticism my way!
I need all the advice I can get!! ^^


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