The One That Got Away..

A Lovesick Sonnet..

My heart says good riddance,
but my mind..
o’ you sway me.

I have seen you,
and your many moods..
I have worked with you..

Met with you..
got high with you..
and still nothing..
you are that questionable something..

The one that got away..
I think of you often..
and now, that’s okay.
it’s okay to love from a distance..

and it’s okay to not understand what I’m thinking,
and how I’m feeling..
my dreams tell me..
to leave you be..

Perhaps it’s good riddance..
maybe in another life..
until you’re a bit wiser..
here’s to you..a sonnet..

we shared a moment in time..
angels passed by when words were left unspoken.
This is for you..
a love sick sonnet..
To you, the one that got away..

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