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Hoot Owl criticism...

First time I suppose for me to offend anyone here on the bubble. Not really planning on an apology however. As a Southern person here in the USA I have rather harmlessly, but perhaps thoughtlessly, referred to most owls as a “hoot owl” most of my long life. The truth is I am 70 years old and saw my first one “live” while visiting Northwest Trek in Washington this past August while visiting with my nephew and RB friend Teresa Burnette. Just to attempt an understanding of why anyone would get so wound up over such a thing I looked up Hoot Owl on Wikipedia and guess what it said? (See below)

Hoot Owl may refer to:Barred owl, a type of owlHoot Owl, Oklahoma, a townHoot Owl, a major Owl City fan

Now to further complicate things, since I made the photograph of the aforementioned “HOOT OWL” while vacationing in Florida, it seems to me that my aggravating and offensive statement leaves the party who seems to be so badly offended, with only a lot of opinion which he is indeed entitled to have. But not much else. Perhaps a lot of what to me is an excessive amount of another thing referred to here in the South as “HOT AIR!” I cannot imagine why anyone would light into me for such a matter.

In giving him his due, he did send bubblemail requesting I delete his spurious and airy statement but I suppose I can be a litttle “offended” just as he was. Give me a break!

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