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  • Vibrant, high-quality double-sided prints that won’t fade
  • Durable 100% polyester canvas with a metal zipper. Fully lined for added strength
  • Various sizes perfect for holding coins, cards, phone, pencils, cosmetics
  • Cold machine wash and low tumble dry
  • Makes the perfect gift for family, friends, or yourself. (You deserve it.)


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Designed by Grimm Land
Bl^ck M^sk by RootCat – 2019 (pixel-art digital paintings) • © 2019 RootCat/Glitternext/Grimm-Land — RootCat*'s products © 2019 RootCat/Glitternext/Grimm-Land | WDC *: — meta artist

BL^CK M^SK Zipper Pouch

Designed by Grimm Land


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"Secret C Collection" by RootCat 2017-2018 © GlitterNext/RootCat/Grimm Land • •

Chateau d'Anet #2 by Grimm-Land
Chateau d'Anet Silver Snow by Grimm-Land
YouYouka Celebration © 2018 RootCat / MBSP-Glitternext WDC: copyartandrightandleft control by Grimm-Land
YouYouka about 1 by Grimm-Land
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YouYouka sunrise 4 by Grimm-Land
Sexii Kinkii XXIII by RootCat by Grimm-Land
VISAGE by RootCat by Grimm-Land
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