First Post and Twitter Comeback

So I’m slowly getting more and more involved in the artist community and coming out of my shell. In the past few weeks some of my art has been getting featured more in groups and my Organized Chaos won first place in the Illustrate This August art challenge. And now I’m even making my first Redbubble post.

I’ve also reactivated my old twitter account
Thanks to my friend Paul E. Petty for convincing me to bring it back after I finished the cover illustration for his first Shadows of Light book.

I feel like I’ve really grown as an artist this past year after forming my own style with vector software, copyrighting my art, launching, and expanding to doing art on more mediums than just what’s available on Redbubble. And I’m positive that I’ll continue to grow and learn even more

-Robert ‘Grimdork’ Janca

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