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I would not exactly call myself a Photographer, I just happen to love my surroundings and share what I see. Had that unexpected...

Could give a wee warm welcome to........

Hi Folks,

Tis just after Christmas and hope you all had a brilliant time! Got all that Photographic equipment that you had on your Santa list….

Anyway, just found out that my work colleague, Charlie, has been on RB for a few months (never told me so I’ll have to have words in the new year). He has been taking photos for a number of years but only has just recently taken it up seriously.

He is still learning so if you could give a RB warm welcome and some encouragement to move his photos along, I would be very grateful to all my good RB friends out there.

Here’s a couple of examples of his work so far…….

Winter Loch

The Old Bridge



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