Kevin Skinner

Joined September 2008

I would not exactly call myself a Photographer, I just happen to love my surroundings and share what I see. Had that unexpected...

"Thank You!" from a newcomer

I joined RB a little under two weeks ago without any expectations whatsoever.

So I would like to thanks all the folk that have taken the time to view and comment on my work, which has made me very welcome here. Having trouble keeping up with all the comments and I am trying to return the appreciation by viewing all your portfolios so please bear with me……I promise I’m not ignoring you or anything like that.

A special thank you to Roslyn Lunetta and Chris Ewing.

Roslyn for put me onto RB and said that it was a great place to be, so forever in her debt there.

Chris for doing such a nice thing by introducing me through his own journals. Quite humbling really. Really good to know that you have friends out there in far places and glad to have caught up again.

Anyway, enough of the soppy drivel! Must get on and load some more stuff and work out how this site works!

Take care


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