Don't Wear New Shoes

That’s what I figured out this afternoon.

Anyhow, I’ve been pretty busy really between work and uni. Well, uni is on break and I was made redundant at work so now I have a bit of spare time until I find a new job and start back at uni. I’d barely taken photos for ages and this afternoon despite there being nothing really happening in the sky I made a last minute decision to take a drive somewhere. The sun was already setting and I made my way to the Sunshine Coast. Anyhow, I find my way to a rather popular spot probably a bit late light-wise and a bit early tide-wise. But hey… gotta recon somehow.

As I was heading out the door I thought to myself I should dig up my old joggers instead of wearing my new ones on the beach. Decided I didn’t want to spend the time… one soaked foot later… yeah. Don’t wear new shoes.

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