Nearly Time!

I’ve been kept busy with preparing for the Caloundra Music Festival, which is fast approaching. Only a week or so to go now!

The council narrowed the photographer choices down to six, with some amazing photographers getting the nod. Plenty more missed out, I’m glad I wasn’t making those decisions, too hard.

I’m really looking forward to the weekend. It’s a beautiful location (fingers crossed this weather clears up beforehand), plenty of acts I like, and it looks like a very enthusiastic team of photographers to work with. Been having fun working out rosters, then have the timetable change from the draft i’d been using, then finding out I made a bit of a boo boo of my own, and had to reshuffle everything.

The whole thing has been made a lot easier with the assistance of Andrew who’s doing the security and risk management side of the event.

I’ll then come back to work with an exhilarating copyright seminar. Hooray.

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