PMA 2008

Well, my boss called me at work at 9:30 this morning and told me to get on over to the PMA exhibition at Southbank.

Registered online and off I went. Plenty on display, although I avoided the large lenses set up and the cameras out of my price range, didn’t want to make myself pine away too much!

The Eizo monitors were impressive. Don’t quite appreciate it until you actually see them, and the Wacom Cintiq… oh my. I think i’ll settle for something a little less impressive.

No great surprises with cameras and lenses, but it was good to see some of the printing products, they’re really the sort of thing I have to see first person.

There seemed to be quite a few book options with plenty of niche’s being filled, but the Asuka Books were the ones I wanted to see. I was very impressed by them. There was also one stall with albums, actual photos mounted in the page, not printed and they were gorgeous. I hope I picked up a leaflet!

In other news, Relay For Life has been relocated due to the rain. Not happy about this. We’re not in an indoor stadium.
I really don’t think we’re going to fit well at all. I’m guessing something in excess of 1,300 people involved, and apparently the stadium has a 2,000 capacity. No doubt standing, tightly packed.

The whole team is disappointed, they were really looking forward to camping out, even in the rain. My guess is there won’t be an actual relay because there won’t be any room for it. We’ll be hard pressed to fit as it is.

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