Mark Greenmantle

Gordon Park, Australia

After over ten years of working for the Brisbane Courier-Mail, Sunday Mail, APN News, I now juggle between shooting for and editing...

News, another long absence and for good reason.....

I’ve been trying to keep up with what happens amongst the four or five arts communities I subscribe to but I’m now working seven days a week doing photography and it’s leaving me rather time poor.

Through the week I am shooting full time as a fashion photographer now, enjoying it thoroughly and looking forward to it developing into a long term career in a market that has less pressure than say, weddings or the over saturated churn and burn portrait scene. This has thankfully resulted in less pressure to push as hard at my freelance work and I’m found now each weekend on Sat and & mornings (that is, midnight till 5am) shooting at a nightclub in the Fortitude Valley for a cheap price, but it’s rich for the social aspect, the fun, and free drinks.

The nightclub photography keeps me on my toes in a technical sense, and while shooting in clubs using the Nikon D3 makes this job incredibly easy (I shoot all night at ISO4000 and use no flash), capturing some of the dance moves by the rappers, crunkers, punks and drunks can prove very challenging.

The nightclub work I have been doing is here

The down side is that while this work is enjoyable it is taking up pretty much all of my time so I’m getting sod all time to work on personal projects. I do have a list longer than my arm of models wanting to work with me so I’m going to figure out a way to squeeze more out of my weekends or week nights to get some personal work done as well.

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