Truth is a thing with dark, sharp wings

the psyche walls are smooth / yet deeply ridged / by the coursing waters of / dead people’s beliefs / by the steady trickle of criti…
Teal Tiled Gazebo by greeneyedlady So, When Do You OPEN? by greeneyedlady

my first one

i never held her, / but sometimes i still rock her, / swaying in the dark

i am skin

i am skin covering an ancient womb / i am concentric layers of existence / like the rings inside the trunk of the tree…

the climbing

the pulling up / the heaving out / the landing / the firm earth catching me / the first moments of relaxation / the relief of the release /…

Summer, 1975

if i was a boy, what could i do / that they say i can’t do / because i am not one? / what could i think, / where could i go, / who could …

not the dead daughter

what was it to me / to feel ashamed? To exist— / to be the one that came after—


the things on which her world had turned / have been balanced by the hand that rhymes / the highs, the lows, the middles—

shimmers and tripwires

she is part / of my mental map / though i never really knew her / i think of her, / picking my way / through an ancient cemetery…

they just happen that way

i loved you / even when it was hard on me / and when your love was / righteous, / i fed you / and you feasted / you consumed me / hollowed …

it was twenty years before

it was twenty years before / i could give her a name / twenty years before / my mind finally opened / like the pages of a book / suddenly r…


when the feeling comes / it’s like a weight / tied around my ankle / dragging behind me….


i’m open now / and he wants me / in ways you never did / and tho he breaks parts of me / you never would / he is still here…
Sante Fe Sky by greeneyedlady


…..in July, / our daughter did die / sweet little butterfly, / now resting in the ivy……

for the sunshine ride

my aspirations are caught / up in the tresses / of the beautiful people….

Cheap Cigarettes

“Here,” he said, handing her the phone. “He wants to talk to you.” / “Well, I don’t wanna talk to him,&…

a series of little pushes

a series of little pushes / in just the right directions / the giant cosmic hand / guiding one and all / soft, like a coffin’s felt /…


for years i’ve stood / in shadows of my own making / and silently wrung my hands / and wondered if her wails / would stop—

clearing the sky

my mind is populated with random thoughts, / thoughts like little clouds all competing for attention / in a vast and miraculous sky….

when July comes

where do you go when July comes? / do you go back to that place / that cold and clinical space / well, i’m telling you, i never saw h…


the sight of her touched a prehistoric memory in me— / like the slow motion strike of the match / the scurry of the sparks up the wic…

tea time for pessimists

it’s tea time for pessimists again / let the optimists go hungry / let them pitch their tents / let them wait in vain / for we fee…

the serene queen

it’s calm and quiet in here / the pounding in my head / is the only thing i hear / it looks so clean-so sparse-so clinical / though i…

the eye that loves is blind

i saw her / in my mind’s eye / i saw you beckon her / i saw her slide her hand / along your thigh / and i went cold with rage inside…

ten twenty thirty

today i have ten years distance / between now and the last time / you placed her in my way / when i sat on the edge of your / hospital bed …
Alamo Sky by greeneyedlady


yesterday / it was a life-giving red / an art deco womb / thick and rich and thriving / today / it hangs in tatters of red / an old fashion…

we rest in a low tree

i felt the thud of impact / a slow float through the air / Time hesitates in the twilight / and a few more stunned seconds pass / before t…

to do my honest part

she will read me with a sage’s eyes / far beyond the expertise of her novice art / she will reveal the darker truths / always hiding …

The Lady on His Knee

Years ago I had a lover who loved his guitar more than he loved me.

Adonis in a cheerleader’s sweater

and though every strand of his hair / had found its way to an early gray… / all the years just melted away / and the sweet sixteen in…

neither melt, nor feel

and she, all armor and shields / like a shining piece of fragile steel / in his presence can neither melt, nor feel~
ice dancers by greeneyedlady

she lets the sheeps in

she lets the sheeps in / and hopes desire for the wolf / abates….

Into the Shame

Every time I hear Boy George croon the opening lines of this song, I’m twenty years old again, sitting on the edge of the bathtub and…
gilded glow by greeneyedlady

with the mountain’s melting

it’s ten o’clock / and they are not expecting me yet / i can stay here in the warm water / my porcelain womb….

we will keep seeking

how many times / do the words makes us sigh / catch the breath, or cry~

sprite can

here’s to the memory / standing stark and still / inside my head:

the unallowed grief

tonight i really want a drink / a little something to take / the edge off the unallowed grief / for the yearning and the envy / still runs…

George, i can’t figure

George, i can’t figure / and i find that curious….

to lose my pale

and i’m arguing, no, no, i’m fine / no i’ll come help i’m fine / always I AM FINE~

a nice cup of tea

hunger like a warm flush spreads / my newfound heat / like sunlight cutting across the varnished floor / slanting sharper as the day wears …

a brittle sweet

she has lost the suppleness she once had / the grace, the easy laughter / and there is nothing smooth about her now….

where the greener grass grows

in the most perfect houses / in the happiest of homes / the shadow still grows….

down the center of the chain

a chain fortified by denial / can never be broken / until all the lies are acknowledged / and the truth is finally spoken…

to complacency

what hand has pushed me / off the edge of the blade? / have i not earned release / from self imposed intensity?

my lying my leaving

you are carefully arranging / a life with me / putting the pieces in the places / you want them to be / and you won’t understand how …

leave that all to the mother

and the irony was sharp / and needled them both / and was just a bit absurd….

call me Peaches

i am stone / i am oblivious to the true meaning of my pain / it’s truth does not exist for me / unless i can see it on someone else&#…

all my why’s and what for’s

i want it to consume me / like water from a clear and silent pool / consumes the quiet riverbank around it….

let this be

devotion to religion comforted my grandmother’s odd circle / i can see how we all need something in which to believe….
The Rattlesnake Shakes by greeneyedlady

it’s then i see him

and sometimes when nights are cold / when i am lonely / and miss his love so fiery and bold~
denim and black leather  by greeneyedlady

among grey thinning clouds

i have passed the 5-0 / i have seen the high water mark / i don’t expect the answers / to come as easily anymore…..
hum and whir behind the blur by greeneyedlady he reached for the stars by greeneyedlady

in spite of all i said

i tried to make it right with you / but i had been spread out / on the glistening hymnals by then…..
window dressing by greeneyedlady


show me movement / give me sound / don’t let there be silence / too much darkness all around…

so much for chivalry

i see blackness with a ball of white in the center / it rolls and swirls and thins like fog / i see a white car turning in that fog / an am…

and i Surrender

it is Anger, riding shotgun with Fear / their loud rumble soothing me / clutching me in a herculean embrace…

as twilight settles down

you should live to ripe old age / to sit on the back porch and complain mildly / about your achy arthritic hands / while you watch your chi…
morning gold by greeneyedlady seasons in between by greeneyedlady

it didn’t feed the pink

scrape away the rusted rage and what gleams? / love i offered up from down here on my knees~

close down your mind for the night

so you push yourself back in your desk chair / and you quietly absorb all the blows / they come from the left and they come / from the righ…

she washed me in her watercolors

she washed me in her watercolors / but my black ink bled back through…

in the curl of her lip

she has gone on / while a sadly dark dripping energy / has stayed behind with me / it’s menace is most apparent to me…


if the violence swirling all around us / doesn’t strike us down specifically / at the very least it frays / the edges of our resolve…

alas, their love is slain

i sit at the right hand / of the Queen / the Queen who has no king / the King’s gaze was drawn away…

of uncombed crones

i don’t want to be the Crone / but if that place is coming for me / shouldn’t i push forward to greet it anyway? / it could fee…

i come to see the stone

it is many years ago / i see an arch of white stone / surrounded by inkblue darkness / and i am not alone…

foreign face

in this face / that feels its grief / a foreign concept to me…

The Five

never did we believe in The Five / never did we feel any allegiance / but never did we speak out against it either….

that’s five years ago

you always used to say, / “I’m not gonna lay down and die-” / but you did anyway / without giving me any say…

if i had blonde hair it would be spilling over th…

if i had blonde hair it would be spilling over the upturned collar / of my peacoat as i lean alluringly back on the front fender / of your…
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