The first one

Awesome, thats my first journal entry,

What happend in the last days?
I´m trying to switch to medium format, and thats not that easy, I got a hasselblad 500 c/m with an 80 mm planar 2.8, one polaroid back and one normal film back, in the next days my scanner should arrive.
Maybe i will sell the blad, because i don´t know if it fits my style and my workflow, but the scanner is truly neccessary, i got about 800 35mm black&white negs flying around here, and some of them are worth showing, so i will scan them and put some in here.

Yesterday I had my first shooting with my hasselblad, perhaps i´m going to call it the hassleblad, because if you are normally working with autofocous and all that stuff, its a very different impression to work fully manualy, to cook the shutter after every exposure, to test the exposure with a polaroid (one costs about 1,30€) and so on. When i scanned the negs from the shoot, i will see how my work developed, and when I screwed it, i will shoot my 8 rolls of Film and sell the blad :(
Maybee i will then upgrade my canon eos 350d to an eos 40d or something like that..

Thanks for reading and excuse my poor english

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