News from Alabama

On Wednesday, April 27th, a deadly outbreak of tornadoes stormed across the southeast, resulting with deaths in seven different states, including: Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Virginia. Alabama was hit the hardest, with a death toll of 255 as of Saturday. The death toll throughout the region stands at 356 individuals.…

While several RedBubble members live in the areas impacted by last weeks Southeastern USA storms two of the are co-hosts with me on RedBubble. I wanted to share their communications about their experiences and current status.

dreamNwish (LaDundriette) co-hosts “Tone It Down”, her story;
Yes, I’m okay. Thanks!
I’m finally back online for the first time in five days.
The tornadoes didn’t damage my home, but damaged the towers for a lot of co

New group "Nikon Users"

I have just launched a new RedBubble group the Nikon Users Group for users of all models of Nikon brand hardware and software. membership is open to all, but submissions will be limited to those works produced using Nikon brand gear and so you must list the camera, lens and flash used to produce the image.

From film to digital, point and shoot to Digital Single Lens reflex cameras Nikkor and any Nikon mount lens,dedicated flash and NIK software. All users of Nikon brand products are welcome.

Please stop by, join and tell your fellow Nikon users about the group.

Larry Grayam

Super moon this Saturday 3/19/11

Super-moon Saturday, March 19,2011 the moon is making its closest approach to Earth in 18 years at about sunset.…

If your sky is cloudless you are in for a visual treat, the moon, will look 10 to 15 percent larger than normal. Meteorologists are also warning this could create abnormally high tides.Resulting in beach erosion and minor flooding on beaches.

The moonlight will be brighter than normal making it difficult to discern mountains and craters. So be prepared to shoot a higher shutter speed or stop down your lens.

Some expect the super-moon to instigate global chaos, such as earthquakes.

To pre-plan where the moon will rise I use The Photographers Ephemeris is a program to assist the planning of landscape photography.
Landscape photographers typically wish to plan their shoots ar

Chasing the perfect lightning photograph

Photographing Lightning

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Living in Florida has exposed me to many facets of our changing weather patterns. We regularly experience, thunderstorms, tornadoes, water spouts and hurricanes. And of course I just have to grab my cameras and go out to play in the severe weather. So let me explain how I photograph my favorite of these weather phenomena.

Lightning and Thunderstorms
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*Technology plays an important role in modern storm chasing. First off on my laptop I monitor several statewide weather radar sites. I also receive emails on weather alerts from the National Weather Service, and I monitor the NWS radio alert system which operates nationwide. I also receive twitter tips from TV weathermen across the state. While on the road I continue monitoring online sites via a mobile device like an i

The neutral density filter was surgically removed.

So yesterday Sept. 7th I had my second cataract surgery. Wow so this is what everyone else sees. It’s like I just had a neutral density filter removed from both eyes. The surgeon congratulated herself on doing an excellent job and when the eyes stabilize in a couple of weeks I get new glasses. I wanted Nikon’s but they are on back order.

I’m working on a list of new photographic subjects to try out my new eyes.


Severe weather part 1

#Photographing Severe weather…

Living in Florida has exposed me to many facets of our changing weather patterns. We regularly experience, thunderstorms, tornados, water spouts and hurricanes. And of course I just have to grab my cameras and go out to play in the severe weather. So let me explain how I photograph each of these weather phenomena.


During our peak summer season I monitor online weather radar continually to evaluate the developing storm patterns Once the storms begin to develop I quickly organize a game plan. I try to move to an intersecting point several miles ahead of an approaching front, searching for higher ground with a vantage point. Our typical lightning pattern is for an approaching storm cell to throw lightning bolts into dry air in the path of the approa

Writing news

#Writing short stories for your artwork.…

As a group host/moderator on RedBubble I have the wonderful opportunity to view many great photographs and the duty to read the attached descriptions. Making a decision to accept or reject an artist’s submissions is often a heart wrenching task. Often the choice is obvious the photograph meets the group’s guidelines and is accepted, sometimes though I need to learn more about the photo. Eagerly I move to read the description only to find I can purchase a print and nothing more.

What a disappointment if only the artist had taken the time to provide some basic information they would certainly gain exposure and possibly many sales. Many groups require specific information in the caption or cut line for a photo. Some groups require the city, state, co

Latest News

#Larry Grayam
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Hello everyone, I have been a member of 1:1 With the News for one year now and recently noticed John Vandeven was running solo as a host. So I volunteered to help out. Solo hosting can be a daunting task.

For those of you that don’t know me, let me give you a little of my background. I began shooting news photos in 1967. My work has been published in numerous newspapers and magazine throughout the world and regularly transmitted via the wire services. Isa Rodriguez interviewed me for another group.

In January I had a one artist show in Solo Exhibition. The current On the street has an article “behind the image” about one of my news photos.

Currently I host 9 RedBubble groups.
1:1 With the News
Candid photography of family and friends
Elegant Rose Cards
Focus and Lighting

Writing photo captions

Wikipedia describes its rules for writing photo captions A caption, also known as a cut line, is text that appears below the image. Most captions draw attention to something in the image that is not obvious, such as its relevance to the text. Caption can consist of a few words of descriptions, or several sentences. Writing good captions is difficult, and the examples below may be helpful. Along with the title, the lead, and section headings, captions are the most commonly read words in an article, so they should be succinct and informative.

“School bus bully” by Larry Grayam
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This “School bus bully” seems to roll right over the little guys at this Groveland Florida USA racetrack.
A normally mild mannered yellow school bus becomes a monster truck when outfitted with tremendous
tires. Locals

Street Photography

Street Photography

Wikipedia describes street photography as a type of documentary photography that features subjects in candid situations within public places such as streets, parks, beaches, malls, political conventions, and other settings.…

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Protester at a Tea Party rally, Vero Beach, Fla.-Larry Grayam

Using both traditional and often creative photography techniques Street photography captures a slice of daily life mirroring society, caught at a decisive moment . The images can be an interpretation of ones beliefs or a documentary of the human experience.Today’s street photographer provides a daily record of public modern day life.

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Late night subway rider New York City-Larry Grayam

The advent of compact cameras allowed for the development of techniques we use to this day. The surreptiti

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