Lead Duck

November 13, 2007

As a Richardson Police volunteer, I was assigned to take patrol cars to and from the vehicle maintenance facility today.

As I drove my first patrol car which was fully equipped with the red/white/blue light bar, Richardson Police in large blue letters on a white background, I drove at posted speed limit so that I won’t be breaking the law while driving a police car.

Going to the maintenance facility, I went west on Belt Line which is one of the busiest streets in Richardson. In fact, it is also known as Main Street.

Shortly after I got on Belt Line, I looked in my rear view mirror as usual and noticed that traffic behind me was quickly catching up to me. But for a moment, I forgot that I was driving an official police car. So I expected that the traffic would simply rush pass me as always.

Today, I also expected them to pass me. I even expected that the more aggressive drivers would cut into my lane as their way of telling me that I am driving too slowly to suit them.

Well, that didn’t happen today. No one passed me.

When I looked in my rear view mirror again, there was a caravan behind me just keeping pace with me. Then it hit me! I was driving a Police patrol car! When I sped up, they all sped up. When I slowed down, they all slowed down! Of course nobody dared to pass me for fear of getting a ticket!

I couldn’t help getting a big smile on my face as I kept driving, feeling like the lead duck in the migration flock!

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