The Light Within Shadow by Graham Povey Untitled by Graham Povey A Last Autumn by Graham Povey The Last Look Back by Graham Povey

No Words

Love has no words / Only this presence / Silent; profound / This state of being.
Shadow On The Track by Graham Povey Forever Airborne by Graham Povey

I Have Said Nothing

I have seen, that is all.

What If ….

What if I was to say this to you; …… / The world is Essence and you are this same essence within the world, yet unbounded by it…

A Movement

I have climbed alone the hidden ways / Looked across snowcapped peaks / Toward the distant coastal plain / Never knowing if I would ever ga…

The Numinous

What stirs the heart

In Essence

What need of words?

Castle Of The Winds

Sins; here upon the Glyderau

7 Years

The magic


Feed yourself!

Only This Storm

In it’s very eye


To our beginning
Spirit of the Season by Graham Povey

Dragonfly (Corner of the Eye)

Who live and do not fear


Free to be.
The In-Between  by Graham Povey Beyond the Fencelines by Graham Povey


The infinite!

Into the Song

All is slowly being / Revealed to you

The Laughing Buddha (or Corner of the Eye)

The only way to see ….


‘Bootstrappin’, the new dance craze?

Clock Face

But, didn’t you know?

Sleeping Beauty

so, truth is, I, not she …….

Laughter In The Dark

the stirrings of the soul


old songs are these.

Touching Shadows

Only my shadow can touch you now ….
As the Wolf in Winter .... by Graham Povey Tracks of a Shadow  by Graham Povey


about the bruises …. ?


“as it should be for the ‘Good Man’ ….”
AaaaarrrrRRRGGHHH! by Graham Povey

Beyond the Telling

Only that man himself


In Ordessa, in the autumn / When the moon is full.

Autumns Kiss

Time has no power

The Wandering Sadness

If you have wandered alone
Life Is by Graham Povey To Be by Graham Povey

Too Few Warriors

Too few warriors.

The All Of It

“But what of the pain?” / “What of the betrayal?”


That part of you that is me / Is ageless / Time cannot touch us / Did you not know this? / Did you think / I saw beauty / Only in that mome…


This is / Unity.

Lost and Found

One day / A moment / A stopping / A silence / You are / Stillness … / A becoming / Wisdom / Occurs / Sensing / The infinite / With…

That Deepest Silence

In that instant / You are / Love.

Sometimes the Anger

Will be free.

A Questing

Nothing more / Nothing less.
Sunset Raven by Graham Povey

Bank Voles

Bank-voles; / scurrying, jumping, letting out a squeak and a squabble as they play in and out of the holes under the fallen tree, it’…


Winters are so long here.

The Infinite

‘Hey you! what do you know about reality?’
At One by Graham Povey

You Are All

Eternal; you are all.


What a drastic cure for

Flags in the Wind

Or so it seems to me

Always Now

Love is / Stronger than any vow / I go alone / To that field / Where betrayal and loyalty / Are consumed together / To ashes / Which feed t…

This Blue

This blue … is … you.

(Golden) Eagles and Crows

Love that silent;

The Sun

….. the secret of the free.

Loves Secret

For I have found a weary traveller upon the road to essence. Ocean drenched, desert dried, washed ragged by times-tide. Seeking secrets lov…

Dream Story

Dream on.

The Question in a Cafe

This is love!

Captain Scarlet

Axes, knives

Book of Love

Just these … just these.

Liquid Gold

Remains on your lips; does’nt it?
Odins Eye by Graham Povey Take Flight by Graham Povey

Of Sparta

Sparta offers no comfort

Of Ithacas

On some foreign beach


By that / Freedom.

The Dawn

All lovers / Know this.

I Cannot Unknow You

by your passing.


we are within each other / always.

I Too Have Dreams

By all means awake


I have dived into the / Deep.

Half A Bloodied Rabbit

Perhaps dogs / (as Sufi poets often said) / Are not so very different / From lovers after all.

I, Still, May sing

Blinded, I watch over you still.
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