“Ha ha ha Bless my Soul…You really think you’re in control?
Well, I think you’re CRAZY!… just like ME!…”
(Gnarls Barkley)

“Simply say the truest thing you know”
(Ernest Hemmingway)

In my art, I try always to do simply that…

I am an artist working in varied materials, paint, wood, stone etc…..I have no formal training, but have had close contact with fine arts through my ex-partner and her own degree course. I am interested in organic, primitive forms and textures, as found in the natural environment which I have been immersed in for most of my life. The indigenous artwork of various people and places I have had experience of, The stone sculptures of Zimbabwe and other African countries, The ancient meso-American cultural works, the Celtic intricate designs and their reflection of the natural world, and the rock-textured organic quality of cave paintings appeal to me greatly. The connection between art, spirituality and the environment which inspires it, is an integral theme of my work. I find inspiration in the people, places and things I have a love for. I also have an ongoing interest in the photographic image and it’s ability to portray mood and emotion and the powerfull message this art form can convey on many different levels. My images tend to be ‘pure’ photography using the basic skills of composition, natural lighting, timing and an eye for a shot!…..any enhancement is limited by my lack of real technical knowledge and software, and also my camera equipment is pretty basic by todays standards !. I do enjoy the challenge of capturing an image ‘in the field’ however, and having to be inventive with what I have to work with…….It’s a learning curve. I’ve recently started to use more text alongside my images. Please feel free to critique anything you pick up on….I’m no academic so spelling and punctuation may not be to your liking. I apologise in advance!

Time moves on… we change and grow! … I write now, and am very pleased to have acquired a new Camera.
All I need do now is learn to use it! … Please bear with me.

As for my Art as you see it:
In the final analysis, Art… at least for me myself, is about expressing a unique vision of the Spirit of a thing….capturing the essence of Eternity in the fleeting moment … the bittersweet poignancy of a physical existence aware of it’s mortality, yet living all the more intensely for that knowledge… Whether it be a thought, an emotion, an expression of experiencing a higher state of being or the simple, quiet celebration of the Natural beauty of this World… experiencing, acknowledging and expressing these things, this to me is Art.

As a footnote:
I have come to the end of things…. So I am beginning a new journey.
I think it will be my last…. I think perhaps I am searching now for an ending that feels right….. It makes living in the present-moment and ‘seeing’ what truly ‘is’ all the more vital and poignant…. My thanks!

*All proceeds from my RB Artwork now go ME…..

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  • Age: 61
  • Joined: May 2009
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desktop tablet-landscape content-width tablet-portrait workstream-4-across phone-landscape phone-portrait